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The primary purpose of the community council is to represent the interest of the residents of the community of Llanfaelog, Rhosneigr, Ty Croes, Bryn du, Pencarnisiog and surrounding area as shown on the map and to promote the wellbeing of the local area.

Llanfaelog Community Council comes under the Llifon Ward.

Llifon Ward covers Llanfaelog, Llanfair-yn-neubwll and Valley Community Councils and is served by 2 County Councillors.

Llanfaelog Community Council is served by 12 Community Councillors.

6 that represent Rhosneigr and 6 Llanfaelog

They are elected by local residents and our period of office is normally four years. These elections are held in May at the same time as other local/general elections. Any vacancies that occur between elections (for example, by the resignation of a councillor) are advertised and filled by election or co-option.

Community Councils provide the statutory tier of local government closest to the people. We act in the interest of the whole community by making decisions and recommendations to improve quality of life and the environment. Consulting and listening to the residents to understand their needs, their wishes and their concerns is an essential aspect of our work.

Llanfaelog Community Council has a wide range of duties and powers. We are owners of the village hall although this is run independently by a management committee.

The Council employs a Clerk who acts as the Responsible Financial Officer who carries out the administrative work associated with the day to day running of the Community Council.

Services we provide:

  • We represent the residents of the Llanfaelog Community Council, we convey their concerns to the Community Council and, through it, to the County Council and Welsh Assembly Government;
  • We report back to residents on issues affecting the Community;
  • We negotiate with, and influence, those other organisations that make decisions that affect the community;
  • We are consulted and give our views on planning applications;
  • We are consulted and give our views on highway maintenance issues, traffic calming matters, parking issues, street naming etc.
  • We are consulted and give our views on beaches and slipways
  • We deal with Public Rights of Way issues – footpath and bridleway maintenance;
  • We contribute to the cost of grass cutting of various areas in the community

  • We contribute to the cost to running Llanfaelog and Bryndu Cemetery;
  • We contribute to the cost of maintaining the memorial village clock in Rhosneigr
  • We maintain 3 play area; Bryndu, Llanfaelog and Rhosneigr
  • We maintain the bus shelters;
  • We maintain the Rhosneigr public toilets
  • We maintain over 33 benches and picnic tables
  • We serve on other Committees and Boards on behalf of the Community
  • We serve on Track Môn Meetings.
  • We are owners of the Llanfaelog Village Hall;
  • We can spend a limited amount of money on anything that is deemed of benefit to the community;
  • We give donations to local charitable causes.

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